Our Lenses

Spectacle Lenses

Dr. Smith deals primarily with Zeiss laboratories ( and click on Ophthalmic Products), because of their optical technology and quality, and uses other quality manufacturers with specialized lenses.

There are many different types of lenses, a growing number of lens materials, and many lens coatings and tints to enhance comfort, protection, and glare reduction. Dr. Smith will prescribe the best combination for your eyes after your examination. Dr. Smith always prescribes polycarbonate material for children and those who engage in activities that require a material that will not splinter on impact.

For many patients who wear no-line bifocals (progressive lenses), he prefers a Zeiss lens, the GT2. It offers a wide distortion-free distance zone and ergonomically designed near zone for clear vision and comfortable wear. An entirely new type of progressive lens is coming soon. Be sure to check our Promotions link for news of it's arrival.

For sunglasses, Dr. Smith is prescribing a new lens, Shamir Attitude, which uses new technology to provide exceptionally clear vision for wrap frames, which have a large curvature as they wrap around the eye area. Ask us about how they can benefit you.